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A Servant to the Almighty God!

In November of 2018 we lost Copper and in the month of December 2018 Lacy passed too. Fortunately we were able to bury them both at the property so they can be remembered for who they were and their servant-hood to Christ. You may find it odd that I would call them servants but if you knew them, you would understand why I don them with this title. We purchased Copper, a Missouri Fox Trotter about 12 years ago and were told that he was lame but we took him in anyway. He hadn't been ridden much over the years and as I worked with him in the round pen I found that he was anything but lame, he was just out of practice. He and I bonded so closely that I could feel his anticipation as I postured myself for the experience of a lifetime. I remember the first time I felt that he I and I were confident enough with each other to go to the next step, Gallop! It was a subtle move that I made in the saddle that made his posture ready and his ears attentive for the right word. All I had to say was this word ever so softly "go" and he and I were in our element. It was a dream, the energy, the wind in my face, a natural bond of nature, God designed. Even now as I write this my eyes well up over the memory.....I do miss him. Over those 12 years he proved to me that God not only brings people into our lives, He brings animals into our lives as well. Looking back over the years I can see now that God brought Copper into my life to help me heal from our son Kris' suicide about 5 years prior. Enough of me......Copper proved to me that God uses any and every instrument He desires to help people heal and that's exactly what He did with Copper n Lacy. Both of these creatures allowed youth and adults to build confidence and become more relational. They both had the same attitudes and were always willing to give each person exactly what was asked of them. True servants of God. I recall one of the first times we had Copper and Tallie at the Malvern riding arena where they hold the yearly 4-H competitions. I had a young boy on Copper and had given him instructions on safety and reigning. The boy took Copper out into the arena but had a difficult time figuring out what to do with the reigns and as a result it confused Copper but he still remained calm under the boys confusion. I had the boy come to the fence where I began to instruct him again and I told him, you are giving him too many different commands and he is unsure what you want him to do. I told the boy this, you are in control of this beast and if you know how to command him he'll do exactly what you ask him to do. What the boy said next broke my heart. "I've never been control of anything in my life". That is tough to digest but these are the people we want to help. over the course of years Copper has been a healer of hearts as was Lacy. I remember shortly after we brought Lacy home (just a year or so ago), this family who were regulars came to visit and the young girl, Miss A, rode Lacy and said she was so smooth of a ride. It's not what she said it was how she said it. The beam on her face was like finding your true love for the first time. The gal that gave us Lacy, her last name was Beam. However, Miss A was still partial to Copper, she was truly stricken by him. I remember another young girl, Hanah, who rode Lacy for the first time said nearly the same thing. Hanah became very close to both Lacy and Copper and formed a strong bond with both. It was that moment when you know God has given you a great gift. Both Lacy and Copper were used by Miss A and Brynn for 4-H. It is a compliment to God when you see the confidence they gain and the love for a horse when they have completed a matter what color the ribbon is. Lacy and Copper showed me what it is to be a true servant of God. Let me detail it for you.

1. They never complained

2. They gave willingly

3. They made you feel trust

4. They loved unconditionally

5. They continued to give right up to the end

When each of them passed it took quite a bit for me to bury them. With each blanket of soil I laid over them I whimpered. I kept thinking about the service that they performed during the time that God had them in our care and it caused me to think. Is this who I have been? Have I been a servant model to others? These two servants have taught me what a true servant is by their actions and demeanor. I aspire to be like them in my own life and to bring glory to God as they did.

1 Corinthians 10:31 Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God!!!!!!

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