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Needed Items

If you would like to bless Wild Hearts 'n Horses through material gifts, please see our wishlist below, then contact us about getting the items to us. Thank you!

For the Horses

  • Hay (Please ask us for specifics)

  • Fly Spray (lots)

  • Wormer

  • Cracked corn

  • Senior Feed and Supplements

  • Treats like carrots and apples

  • Furazone injury paste

  • Shampoos and Conditioner 


Grooming Bucket

  • Hoof Pick, Curry Comb, Soft Brush, Hard Brush and Sponges
    (Youth will be given a bucket to groom the horse they are paired up with.)

For Kids

  • Used Cowboy Boots - All Sizes

  • Gloves and Jackets for cool weather riding

  • Riding Helmets

  • Bug Spray and Sunscreen Lotion

  • Your Time, to Mentor and Coach 

To Help Our Organization Grow

  • One of the most needed pieces of equipment is a UTV to transport people around the property during events and when sharing our vision with them.

  • Porta Potties. One unit costs $660 a year. Maybe you would sponsor one for the barn?

  • Mowing Equipment for trails and Common areas. I have found that a Zero Turn Radius mower works the best for mowing this type of terrain. We purchased a commercial ZTR in 2023 but having another is a must to maintain this property.

  • Tractor to move hay, manure and snow. 

  • Fencing Supplies (T posts, creosote posts, rolled fence, barb-less wire, fence tighteners, etc.)

  • Green Treated Wood for fencing the outdoor riding arena.

  • Manure Spreader

  • Pasture Seed (orchard grass/brome)

  • Herbicide

  • Small Tractor big enough to move round bales                                             

  • If you have the means to design buildings, then we have the vision.  We can build up to 8 cabins at Wild Hearts n Horses. We need skillful men and women who can assist with the construction and design of these cabins. we are planning to have a couple of day camps in 2024 and would love to have a large canvas tent for the Fellowship area down in the timber. The bigger vision is to have a community center "The Fathers House" for check-in, conferences, lock-ins, meals and more.


View our Amazon wishlist!

If you are unable to donate financially, you can still be of great help by praying for our ministry!

Please pray for:

  • Wild Hearts 'n Horses as we continue to foster relationship and be a bolder witness of Jesus love.

  • Bob and Carol, to only move when the Spirit says move

  • The kids and families who come to us, that they will find what they need.

  • God's daily provision

  • Wisdom in how to utilize the resources with which God blesses us

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