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Meet the Horses


I'm Misty, a Halflinger and I am a 10 year old female and I love Wild Hearts n Horses because I get to meet so many amazing people. I get to help many people overcome their fears of horses and I can sense their fear and confidence as it grows when people are near me. I came from an Amish village where I worked hard, pulled a pony cart and had kids ride me to school and back.  I like to think that I am gentle with people, at least that's what I'm told. I love treats like apples and carrots too. BTW, I really enjoy being brushed down.


Hi Y'all, I am a female Quarterhorse  named Moonlight and I'm 26 years young. I might look like a plain ole horse but that doesn't bother me because God loves me just the way I am. I didn't like it at first when I came to Wild Hearts n Horses because Bob n Carol expected me to be active and that was not the lifestyle I had at my previous home. Once I got used to the idea that my job was to help people build confidence then my attitude started to change. I can still be stubborn at times, but I really do enjoy my friends in the barn and an occasional trail ride. Ummm, if you happened to have some peppermints with you I would literally, eat them out of your hands.

They call me Digger. Like Dusty said, we have known each other for 16 years and he is my best friend. I got my name because I can be impatient and I will paw at the ground until I have a hole dug. Carol has been working with me to teach me patience. It seems to be working because I don't spaz out like I use to when Dusty is away. I am liking it here because of all the people I get to see. If I keep up the hard work then I will be helping people. But until then, let the training continue.  
Dusty Digger.jpg

Sweet-Pea here, I am an 18 year old Percheron Paint horse, the largest of my friends or as my good friends tell me "you're not large, you are big boned". I was donated by a friend of Wild Hearts so I can carry the more robust riders. Some people are intimidated by my size but once you get to know me, you will know why my name is Sweet-Pea.

My name is Dusty but Carol wants to call me "Mr. Dreamy". I don't know why but its kinda cute. I and my friend Digger are fairly new to Wild Hearts n Horses. Digger and I have been friends for 16 years. I am Palomino and 20 years old. I keep hearing people say that I am handsome and I have a beautiful coat. I don't  know why all the girls swoon over me, but I really like the attention. Come out and visit me some time.

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