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  • Bob

Burning off the Pasture

On April 5th we siezed the opportunity of the 60 degree Spring teaser and burnt off the property. This is a picture of a cedar tree that lit up like a matchbook. The aroma from the burning tree was very sweet, almost fruity was amazing! There was a need to get the pasture burnt off because it hadn't been done in a very long time. The value in burning a pasture is that it puts nutrients back into the soil for the new growth. The new growth benefits the Horses because it has been enriched with nutrients. It also helps rid the pasture of small cedars and shrubs and little critters like ticks a worms that have been hiding in the dead grass thickets. Another benefit is that the overlay of pasture is now black and is able to warm the soil quicker from the suns energy......if it decides to make an appearance. Carol and our grandson Darion were very enthusiastic about setting fires yesterday. We didn't burn the entire 43 but we sure made some big progress.This whole process reminds me of living by the Spirit. Sometimes sin needs to be burned off so the new growth can begin. Sin is the old pasture that doesn't produce a healthy spiritual food source for us and It is aesthetically unlovely. But, if we see the need for change and ask God to help us change He will begin the process on us to burn off the unlovely. And sometimes He needs to set a big old cedar tree on fire to get rid of the big ones in our lives. Remember that I said that the aroma from that burning cedar was amazing? That's the aroma that God gives to us when we surrender our lives to Him. Keep the fruit of the Spirit up, with much love, Bob and Carol.

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