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  • Carol

Abundantly MORE!

This is the story about the well that was drilled on the property. This story displays God's love and blessing for those who follow His will, His direction. I have done nothing to gain His favor, I deserve no special treatment for the way I have treated God in the past or present. This is God "who gives more abundantly than we can think or even imagine" My nephew Seth Weilage is a well driller in the Council Bluffs area. When we got the driveway in he was able to bring his well rig in and set it up on December 15, 2017. Saturday the 16th we began drilling. Before we started I said a silent prayer and asked "Lord, I would like a well that's under 200' with good water". That's all I asked for. The process of drilling includes drill rods and a cutting bit. Water is pumped into the rod and through the bit and is used for the drilling process and also flushes the cuttings to the top of the well and into a tank. Those cuttings are scooped out of the tub and thrown onto the ground. Towards the afternoon we ran into a sand bed and Seth took some samples of the sand with a little strainer and he would plop them on a 2"x4" so he can examine the sand. He didn't seem overly excited about the sand but we continued to drill. We went through the sand bed, about 6' of it and hit more soil. He kept drilling and we ran into another sand bed. Once he established that we had water, there really was no reason to go any deeper. Monday we went back to finish the well. We pulled out the drill rod and took off the bit. The next step was to slide the casing into the well. Once the casing is in we attach the drill rod and lower it into the casing to force air into the water bed which pushes out the dirty water and it tells you how many gallon per minute a well is. Seth forced air into the well and water comes flying out of the top out the casing. after 10 minutes or so he says "That's too good to be true" and goes about his business. He continues to do this over and over and then says again, while shaking his head "This is too good to be true". Ok, now I am curious so I asked him, what is too good to be true. So, before I tell you why he said that I need to share with you that we hit sand at 163'. We stopped drilling at 180'. Hence, a well that is under 200'. Seth said the water is just as good as the water that is in Mineola (that's where we moved to when we sold our home on Noyes ave).......and the water in Mineola is very good. God answered my request, however, what He did next was not a surprise to me but it was a shock and awe. During the process of flushing the well with air Seth kept shaking his head and saying "this is insane". Again, I am curious why it's insane. Seth told me that the well is producing 40 gallon a minute. He said 1 out of 25 wells on the river bottom produces that, but this well.....that's insane. I called my brother Don a few days later who has been in the well business for 40 some years to ask him some questions about the wells in the area. Here is what I found, the average well produces 5 to 11 gallon a minute with one well down the road that was the exception at 18 gallon a minute. The wells in that area are 200' up to 400'. So you see, God not only granted my request He added more than we expected. A well that was under 200', has great water and He added this awesome feature of 40 gallon a minute. Seth said the well will provide all the water needs for everything that we will ever need for Wild Hearts n Horses. Now, what really blows me away is this thought, when God created the earth He put that vein of water in that location on the property for this very WHnH's would never thirst. He is so amazing. He gives more abundantly than we deserve. I believe that because of our faithfulness with this project God will continue to show us more amazing works of His hands. He is about to rock peoples worlds!!!!! John 7:37-38 Jesus says "Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Anyone who believes in me, as the scripture says, rivers of living water will flow from within them" GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!

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