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There are many ways to help out at Wild Hearts n Horses.

By filling out the Volunteer Application Form you may choose what area you wish to help with. All volunteers will have a background check before volunteering at WHnH's. Background checks are done on every volunteer to protect the organization, its staff and Board members but most of all, to protect our youth.

It takes approximately 5 to 6 hours to mow the Fellowship Park, the hiking and riding trails and the main entry all the way to the barn. If you have a ZTR and want to spend the day helping us manicure the ranch we would be so appreciative.

Building obstacles course's would help attract young males. We have a pile of lumber and tractor tires ready to be planted in the ground and built to create climbing challenges. If you come with ideas for creating a feature we would be very open.

Design a building. If you work with program designs then we have the perfect place for you. We need a design for a Dining Hall/Activities room. It's a 50'x80' structure with a commercial kitchen, two conference rooms, one storage and bathrooms. We believe there should be a basement in the event of severe weather to protect God's creation. We also have approval to build 8 cabins and an indoor riding arena. 

If you have spraying equipment to spray the pastures for weeds and a small tractor with a brush mower  to help assist in weed control. You may have equipment to seed for a more nutritious forage for the horses. Anything helps.

We have many opportunities to get involved with youth; mentoring, coaching, teaching life skills, encouraging and more.

Please think about the many opportunities. We are growing each year but we can't do it alone, we need people to help both financially and to give of their time and resources. 

Thank you, Bob 

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