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Wild Hearts 'n Horses exists to provide a safe and positive experience for youth and families – to learn life skills and gain confidence through horses and the love and hope that is offered through Jesus Christ.

Wild Hearts 'n Horses

Bob 'n Carol Weilage


We are a non-profit organization, here to provide a safe place for children, horses and families to experience hope, healing and encouragement. In each session, through a myriad of methods, there is one main purpose, building relationships between people and horses. This is accomplished by inviting both child and adult to come just as they are. The leaders of Wild Hearts n Horses work hard to pair you with an activity or horse that will encourage them forward toward hope and personal growth.

All activities are chosen at the discretion of each individual leader. Some of these session activities include working with/riding horses, chores, gardening and life skills. Activities with the children are structured to accomplish our primary goal of creating a safe and loving environment to mentor a child and help them to become self-sufficient.

Horses provide many positive benefits:

  • Increased Confidence

  • Communication

  • Trust

  • Decreased Isolation

  • Self-Acceptance

  • Social Skills

  • Boundaries

  • Spiritual Connection

Tending a garden:

The learner will apply knowledge and behavior self-management skills to areas of nutrition and physical activity for healthy growth, development, and maintenance. You will develop an increase in knowledge and awareness about gardening, agriculture, healthy eating, local foods, nutrition, growing cycles. Gardening provides children with an understanding of agriculture and the environment; provides children with opportunities for social and emotional growth; improves life skills, self-esteem, social skills and behavior. 


Who We Are

In 2015 Carol had a word from God which started a journey, divinely inspired. While this journey has been difficult at times we continue to be aware of God's presence in all that we do. We offer youth and families the experience to learn safety, horse care and maybe ride a horse. We have hiking and riding trails, camping and host large events. We know that most people are confined to city living and we offer them the experience of the beautiful view, the trails, wild flowers and so much more. 

We take the opportunity to speak life into people and share the love of Jesus.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 28 that we are to make disciples of all the nations, baptizing in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Faith in Jesus Christ is a way of life here at Wild Hearts n Horses. So, don't shine your boots because they'll just get dirty!

Where We Are

Our location.  64501 232nd street, Glenwood Iowa, 51534.

This has been an amazing journey for us that we would love to share with you and your family.  We believe that God has given us all that we need, when we need it. There are riding trails and places to tent camp with a couple of community fire pits for cooking and lounging around. There is an open area in the timber with tables and chairs and an umbrella of walnut trees surrounding it. Or you can grab your water bottle and go on a hike and see all the wildlife and flowers. 

Take the time to connect with God's Spirit and worship Him.

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